Tai Chi Classes in Ledyard, CT.

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Quotes Over the past four years my wife and I have had the good fortune of studying tai chi under Onassis Parungao."Sifu O's" knowledge of the external and internal martial arts is extensive, his execution is flawless and, most importantly, his willingness to work with each student on a one-on-one basis is exceptional. From "first principles" to "applications" he provides a wealth of material for the serious student.Over an expanse of several decades I have had a variety of martial arts instructors, some very good, some not so good. I would place Sifu Onassis at the very top. Quotes

Quotes The Cheng Yee Kung Fu School is the real deal to learn Tai Chi Yang and Sun style forms with martial applications.You will be in a safe and friendly environment.The class starts with warm ups. Then the Yang and Sun Forms are practiced. Sifo O then picks a movement from the forms and demonstrates its application for push hands. The class then practices this application one on one. Skills are devolved by practicing with different students to adapt for there size and energy. Hung Gar, Weapon, and Joint Locking classes are also available. Sifo O is a Master of Chinese Martial Arts. Quotes